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June 10, 2010


Those are some cracking beautiful shoes.

A very new color on a classic pair of shoes. So nice! I don´t write lists. I have a certain section in my head that constantly updates my chore list. Maybe a list written on paper would be easier, you could even through it away ; )

I agree, you don't often see shoes like this in this color. I love lists. Actually what I love is crossing things off lists. Sometimes it is as easy as "buy nails", then other times "new garage door." But when it is all mixed up there is no saying things must be done in order, and when you cross off a particularly big thing it is so nice, and sometimes you can just mark it off and act like it is just another member of the list, but deep inside you KNOW that it was a biggie... am I making sense? I love lists. K

No need to rationalize. I can see that you need and deserve those shoes. They are gorgeous!

Those shoes are sexy - and chic! And I love the colour - chestnut. Not often you see shoes like this.

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