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April 01, 2005


Mardel, Thanks for sharing this Chico layer top with us. It is georgous... as is your entire travel wardrobe. You have done a marvelous job on putting together your colors, fabrics and patterns.

This over layer top is the kind of stuff I like 'cause it fits any body and hides the bulges... not that YOU have any to hide.

Last night, while I was holding a brand new baby boy, born May 1, I laughed about something and my belly shook like a bowl full of jelly...just like my little grandma's used to...bouncing the tiny babe. I remember how much I loved my grandma and never ONCE thought of her as being anything but beautiful and sweet and loving. I never once thought of her as being fat, lumpy, or ugly. So...why do I think that of myself? I believe this was a "light bulb" moment for me.

Very nice outfit, you look stylish,

Mardel, I used the link from Sewing World and took a look at all of your recently completed sewing and just wanted to let you know how lovely I think everything is! Then, I went to your blog 'sewdistracted' and learned some good advice about the crotch drafting of pants patterns.

Your colors are beautiful, everything is so nicely coordinated, and I hope you have a WONDERFUL trip! I'm going to spend more time learning from your blog in the future.

Safe trip!
Nancy JC

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