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March 10, 2007


Love the beautiful fabrics. I have heard many good things about Kashi at Metro Textiles. I live in California. Is there a website or other way to view what he has available?

Mardel - I never ask for permission. I was going to say I only ask for forgiveness afterwards, but lately I don't even do that. I do just give him "the look" and that stops him dead. I buy 1/10 the clothes my DH does, my fabric is my wardrobe.

Gorgeous fabrics. I love your prints. I just finished a shopping trip and there will be show and tell there too. I bought lots of prints, all for skirts! So naturally I am going to suggest skirts for your prints too. I strongly believe that every print can become a beautiful skirt.

Have fun! - Linda

Mardel, You really did well! I'm sure George was stunned into silence by the gorgeous things you pulled out of the box. I love Fabric #2 especially, but all of them are so nice, and I love that WOF skirt for the strip fabric. Great plans, can't wait to see what you come up with, and what calls to you first.

What truly lovely fabric!!! Wow, I am going to have to call Kashi! I am just drooling over yours and Carolyn's fabrics. Actually I am very envious.

Oooh, you did really well at Kashi's! Isn't he just the best??? I too bought the embroidered cotton in photo #2, it's just beautiful! I can't wait to see what you, Mary Beth and Carolyn do with the embroidered tweed.

Mardel: What a lovely haul! You, Carolyn and I all fell for the tweed with gold embroidery. I really am excited to see what we all will do with it.

Mardel - Kashi tried to tempt me with a lot of the pieces that you bought...but my wardrobing needs are a lot narrower these days and I have to add only what works. I still have plenty from the happy-go-lucky days that I can use to supplement. I am so glad that you had a good time and that your goodies arrived. Now all we have to do is sew!!!!

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