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July 06, 2008


{{{hugs}}}} Mardel, and welcome to the upside of the century. While I wish I had my 30-something body back, 50's are not so bad.

You know, I thought about you while writing my needlepoint post. The biggest advantage I see in needlepoint, and the reason I did so much of it when the kids were little, is that you can pick it up and set it down at a moments notice - no row to finish - it's beautiful, and relaxing, and somewhat mindless. The painting is on the canvas, no squares to count it's easy to do while somewhat distracted. Have you thought about picking up some needlepoint?

Hope your appointment tomorrow tells you what you need to know.

Happy Birthday and welcome to life on the other side of 50. I'm finding it surprisingly rich and enjoyable, but there are challenges as well, as you are already finding. Losses and illnesses are more prevalent on this side -- the ones you're facing seem exceptionally difficult to me, and I can't imagine how you muster the good cheer your blog manifests. All the best . . .

Mardel, I'm so sorry to become aware of this development with DH. Priorities change. Friends remain. 50 is a good thing IMO. I get brief when distressed....

Oh dear, I am so sorry. I cannot imagine how tough that would be to deal with. But yes, please get all the help and support you can now. That way you will be better prepared for what is to come and I so hope and pray that modern medicine can help. Hugs, Susan

I can't even imagine how difficult this time is for you. Perhaps seeking support from others in the same position will help you get through this. Happy belated birthday!

My thoughts go out to you during a difficult time. Just a note - you can do it! Whatever it takes, you can do it. Get help from the get go, don't try it alone, and it will be workable.

Welcome to the newly 50 club. (Me last November.) Sounds like you've got a lot going on in your life right now. Fifty is tough but one gets used to it.

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