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July 11, 2008


You look great. I love the longer trapeze shape that is becoming a staple of Eileen Fisher. Now that my body is"mature" I look for things that hide flaws, look more sophisticated and can be worn with pants,skirts, and jeans. You have on that "magic" top. The two pieces in the photo are great by themselves...but also the beginning of a fabulous layering wardrobe. And...why wouldn't you want to wear this (or a more casual equal) every day? And....Phooey on the person telling you you are too tall for this. I have a similar EF top I plan to use as a pattern to make a top out of felted sweaters for winter. look maavelous!

Thank you for all the lovely comments. Yes, I think the lightweight pants should be quite narrow. I will probably end up using them a lot.

Grace, yes it is sold as a dress but I was figuring it would be tunic length, and you touched on one of my fears. I have a dread of the maternity look on someone past the possibility of maternity. I think the dress look would need slightly wider pants to the floor over heels on me, and I would have to make the dress. Although actually I see a lot of young girls around here (taller and much slimmer than I) with dresses that are obviously as short on them as they are on me, doing the dress and jeans look.

Materfamilias, yes, I love draping scarves but have a terror of crossing that line of the aging gypsy draped in scarves.

OH, there is so much here that I recognize from my own thinking -- I admire the polished in others but still want to hang on to my more mussily-styled hair, etc. I really like this look on you, and to me, the proportions work well -- if anything, I'd try for a slightly more fluid fabric but keep the pant narrow, even more so than these perhaps -- just as MarilynB says above. I like the way you've accessorized simply yet with flair, and you've avoided the temptation to drape with scarves. Bravo!

I like this look on you. I do think that a silk or lightweight wool pant would work as long as you keep the width of the pant similar or even a little less than the pants in your picture. I like your choice of necklace and your hair is perfect for you. If you like the way you look in your clothes that will carry over to how others see you.

That tunic does not look knee-skimming on your tall frame. It reminds me of pregnancy tunics--an unfortunate period in my fashion life.

The dress over pants look works when the top looks like a dress. You are too tall for this top. I think it could work if the top were 5" longer.

I like the shoes.

Your outfit gets a thumbs up from me as well. It looks very current with a relaxed sophistication vibe. In the photo, I especially liked how this pant flowed into the shoe. I like your idea of a silk or lightweight wool pant as well. Don't regret the look - just enjoy it now.
Your flow of thoughts had me smiling in this post - taking me mentally in very familiar places. Keep writing- it's good exercise. :)

No - no! It is not too hippy dippy or a giving up look at all! That is a very classy look and a comfortable look also! You certainly don't want to dress that way every day but I really think it looks great. I'm struggling too with things that look good but still somewhat stylish at my age (a-hem, ripe 50's) - anyway I think that outfit looks great and am adding it to my list of things I want to make. Thank you for the inspiration!
Susan (fabricluver)

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