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July 10, 2008


I am happy to read that you, too, made the switch to Apple.

I dumped my creaky PC at work for a MacBookPro and 24" external monitor. I still use a Microsoft Ergonomic keyboard, though. The MacBookPro slices and dices satellite data as fast as a (shared) Sun workstation in the lab. I love it.

Mark has played around with it and covets one now, too. See, husbands can be brought around.

Are you familiar with Unix? If so, the switch won't be traumatic. When I can't remember the GUI Apple way to do things, I fire up a terminal window and do it old school Unix command line.

Thanks for the mention. I'm pleased to find someone else of a similar maturity who's occasionally willing to stand in front of the camera. Your DH is right: those shoes are very graceful. And I have to say,as a knitter who still happily buys sweaters, I can see why you'd want to shop for clothes as well as sew them.

I think I have that knit in my stash - Nancy Erickson? I should pull that out and make some lounging pants. LOVE the shoes. Sorry about your computer frustrations!

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