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March 22, 2010


A successful shopping trip. That's good to hear as they can often be very frustrating.

Yay! And I have those Always Skinnies. They are so fantastic. My fave jeans, I think. I didn't even have to get them hemmed.

Congrats on such great finds.

Unfortunately - at least for me - finding things that fit, and especially jeans, is a seasonal thing. One season, everything fits and it's all wonderful and I can buy, buy, buy and the next season, nothing fits or flatters and it's all frumpy. It's so inconsistent.

With sewing, I have more potential for a good outcome so if I need to or want to, I can sew the garment - even jeans - I hope - I'm working on that. Sewing for me is about the challenge. I love that as well as the creative expression. I've never had a goal to sew all of my clothing. I can't imagine that ever happening.

- Myrna

Isn't it liberating to realize you don't have to make everything? I know--radical thought! But honestly, the only one you're accountable to is yourself.

Congratulations on your jeans and t haul, BTW.

Yes, Bev, thats it!  I blind hem them as well when I cant match, although If I have the thread  match, that is my first choice.

Do you realize how much you have learned about yourself this year. You really are coming into your own.

"It really bugs me when the stitching at the hem does not match the rest of the jeans, even in the garden." Oh me too. I would rather blind hem my jeans then have a jarring different color on the hem.

Personally, I've developed a new appreciation for dark wash, skinny, stretch jeans. I'm so surprised at how good these can make me look.

Also agree, why make something that you can buy. I prefer to use my sewing time for making the unique or making clothing that fits.

Love your self-discovery journey. Please keep posting.

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