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July 14, 2010


When a skirt like this rides above the waist it's usually an indication that it's too small at hip level. This prevents the skirt from "dropping" to where it should be.
If there's a next-time, try releasing the side seams and pull it down until the waist is in the right place.
This may not be your problem - but it might be worth a go...

OK, it looks totally FANTASTIC and I know it fits perfectly but I have a question: Do you ever feel that the tissue to muslin to altering the muslin to going back to the pattern situation is just too tedious? I totally don't have the patience. I'd prefer to make it once, figure out what's wrong and then try to adjust on the "wearable muslin" (presuming it's wearable!:-)) for next time. Not that I enjoy that option, but I'm really not feeling the muslins x3. Of course, throwing something away in disgust doesn't really do it for me either. You say you aren't patient but you are incredibly tenacious.

Wow! You really made the perfect skirt. I would never had the knowhow nor the patience you had. But now, once it is ready, it must be a great feeling to wear just the perfect for you skirt. If you count the expenses; the material and an approximated hour fee of a professional, how much do you estimate this skirt of yours might cost?

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