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July 05, 2010


Ohhh, I'm sorry I missed your birthday!! Hope you had a wonderful day!

Happy Birthday!! What a gorgeous ring! I love the style.
I understand your situation so well - I am struggling with a similar one now, but my husband will only be 40 in August and we have young children. It is so difficult to juggle the many roles. For me, the one that I must consider the most is making sure our children are protected and getting as normal a life as possible. I feel an overwhelming need to make SOME time for ME, though!

Moved by your post, your honesty. Few choose caregiving, and at the same time, we accept the possibility (which I think most of us consider remote) when we make vows. (Or some of us do, I know someone who decided she could not do it.)

We are both July birthdays.Wishing you a year of equanimity. Your ring is beautiful and so "you". I'm late on this post but wanted to add my wishes.

What a beautiful gift. Happy belated and know that you are doing a great job managing the (considerable) challenges of care giving. I don't pretend to know what that's like, but I'm sure it is much more difficult than you, with your gracefulness, make it seem.

Happy Birthday, squeeze in those moments when you can. Caregiving is tough. I let DH sleep late on the weekends so I can have some time to myself. This helps to restore my energy and helps keep life in focus.

Happy birthday! Hope you do get time to do what you want to do. Finding new ways to do it seems to be the trick.

Hope you can slip in all the time you personally need in the coming year.

Happy Birthday and what a gorgeous ring!

I hear you loud and clear on the caregiver situation. Mine is easier, but still not something I asked for nor expected. We do the best we can and as long as we can get some personal time, we'll be OK.

I don't believe that wanting to sew all day would be self centered - more like fun and a form of self care. That said, life being what life is the things that we want aren't always possible. Coming to accept that can be a bunch of work and then finding a way to re-shape the vision even more. Acceptance has its stages. You're making tremendous progress. I wish for many happy moments for you today, for success in whatever time you get to sew, and for an increasingly fabulous year. Happy Birthday.

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