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August 18, 2010


Thank you Mary Beth, Diane, Metscan, Nancy, Lois, Carolyn,
Myrna, Mary Pat, Cidell, and Mater for the compliments.  I admit I was a little nervous about
whether the image in my head would be squashed by the reality when I put it on,
but its only fabric right?  I’m
very happy for the success.

Gigi, I think anything that makes the waist look teeny is a
good thing.  I’m hoping it works
out for you and am looking forward to seeing yours.

K-Line, I see it that way too come cooler weather, which may
in fact be here, this week anyway. 
Last week even the thought of black long sleeves was oppressive.

Sherry, I had doubts about the fullness at the top of this,
but I do think the wide sash is a plus, and emphasizes curves in a rather nice


Vicki, I do seem to be on an olive kick, don’t I. It wasn’t


Oh my Allison! 
That sounds terrible, and I’d be reluctant too if I had been faced with
that apparition in the mirror.


Karen, It does look very poofy doesn’t it?   If I look at the skirt when I put
it on, without the sash, I don’t like it at all, as it seems to accent my hips
at the expense of the waist.  
The tie helps considerably, at least on me.

How fun to see someone else making this skirt. I made the view with the unattached sash and I have to say that it poofs out quite a bit. I may go back and stitch down the box pleats or take in the skirt a bit.

Your version, however, looks wonderful on you! Thanks for sharing!

You look fabulous in that great skirt!

Oh, Mardel! I've wondered forever about this skirt and how it would look on a real person. LOVE it.

I love this skirt and in fact made up a muslin of it yesterday. Unfortunately for me I looked like I was wearing a beach ball round my waist! Yours looks great, maybe I just need to try it with drapier fabric but I'm a bit scared to see myself like that again!

I'm loving that olive green bow! And the olive green boots in the earlier post. Great colour!

The outfit looks great. Your midriff looks really small, and no, your hips don't look large!

You look so fabulous in that skirt it has me thinking of actually trying something tucked in with waist details. Thanks for the inspiration.

Sorry that I am late in commenting, but I just have to say, that the tulip shape is really attractive on you! I think that it is my favorite shape in skirts and dresses too. With or without "natural" curves, the tulip shape is very feminine!

This is just beautiful on you! And you do look sooooo thin in it!

Looks lovely!
I've had my eye on this pattern too, and was thinking of making it in a chintzy cotton. I am now sold by the fact you mentioned it minimises your waist - that's exactly what I need!!

Really nice looking.

I like this a lot, and it's very flattering on you.

Oh, I love that skirt on you! It does make your waist look teeny (which means I need one for myself). :-) Luckily, I have this issue and the perfect fabric in my stash. Thanks for the inspiration, I never would have tried that style on my own.

Just beautiful!

It's gorgeous! I love the tulip shape. I see it with a scoop neck, black, long sleeve body suit. Kind of a ballet style.

Looks great on you!

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