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September 20, 2010


Great save, well done!

Jane, I got the grey ones also but havent hemmed them yet.  Those little mending tasks are so easy, yet I put them off and off and off.  Good luck with the sweaters.

What a great save! I love those Chico's pants....have the brown now will order the grey, too. I have some sweaters reserved to remake so thanks for the inspiration. I agree, the camis make them so chic and current while still being comfy.

Thanks, Lyn!  

You know I felt very virtuous saving that sweater.  I used to wear a lot of those things, now I wonder.  Anyway now I am eyeing many other things in my closet to see what I can hack away at.

Thank you K-Line.

What a wonderful save on a nice sweater - and an expensive one too. I think I;ll follow your lead and tackle a similar sweater to get rid of the boxy shape.

You're always an inspiration! Thanks!

Mater, I hate to admit how many of my intended alterations eventually find their way to the trash or the donation pile.  But it is very nice to have a success.

Yes, they have beautiful fabrics but too many are too blocky, or too short or otherwise just not right.  When I was younger and thin either I wore them better or noticed less.
I increasingly like it with the cami, it is just hard to give up the security of my turtlenecks.

Metscan, I will try to wear it without the turtleneck.  I am working on other scoop neck tops or camis.  I had already decided to buy no more turtlenecks, but havent yet given up my old ones.

Thanks Nancy!  It is a cute sweater and I like it.  The more I look at the picture of it on me the more I like it too.

Ive basted and serged sweaters too.  I think I like the sewing machine stitch because with the back and forth action of the needle, it goes more slowly and I am less afraid of botching it.

Great idea! I mean, if you're ready to toss it, then alteration is a win-win proposition. And it looks terrific.

Wow! That looks great -- what a clever alteration. I'm impressed that you actually found the time and followed through -- when I've had such inspirations in the past, I generally retrieve the item from my giveaway bag, park it somewhere for inspiration to turn to action, and then a year later conced that the alteration is not going to happen!

Wow, what a transforming alteration. (Peruvian Connection have interesting fabrics but I've never ordered b/c of the blocky, very conventional styling.)

Actually prefer it with the cami, looks more current, and shows your necklace.

What a brilliant solution. I really like the outfit on you as you climb the stairs. Please wear it without a turtle neck. You can do it!

Cute sweater! It's good that you could solve the fit issue because it looks nice on you.

I always have that moment of fear when cutting into sweaters, but have successfully tweaked them several times. I usually baste the changes first before cutting the excess off the sweater and serging. Not foolproof but it at least makes me more comfortable.

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