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September 22, 2010


Those shoes are exquisite!!! You have excellent taste for shoes, Mardel!

Thank you Metscan. You make me smile.

OH Mater, I am having so much fun with these and they are making me look at things in my closet in new ways, like bringing a vibrant new guest into the party. Transitional seasons are a lot of fun. I'm still feeling my way around the white jeans though, as much as I wear them, I still find myself bound by remnants of old rules and restrictions.

Duchesse, I blush. Thank you.

Thank you Sewing Librarian. I am tickled that they go as well as I hoped. It always seems like such a gamble.

Oh good luck Gigi, with shoe shopping and job hunting.

Aren't they wonderful Nancy? I think you are right and once we get into cooler weather, where I can pull out heavier things, they might even more use. Sweaters and tights perhaps are called for here.

This picture of you shows strong character! Your new shoes fit well along : )

What fun those shoes are, and what fun you're already having with them! I, too, like to maximize the transition season rather than jumping into a strictly fall wardrobe, and I like the way you bring your white jeans into the mix.

Made to be worn by a woman with the audacity and taste to appreciate them.

Shoes with an attitude! They look good with your jeans.

Oooh, I love the new shoes! They look really comfortable too. As soon as I get a job (fingers crossed) I am going shoe shopping.

Wow, those are amazing shoes!! I suspect you'll find a way to wear them with skirts once your eye adjusts to them.

I'm looking forward to pulling out my fall/winter shoes soon. The weather is still pretty warm but I'm longing for heavier clothes. Perhaps another couple of weeks and I can start working some items into rotation.

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