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September 24, 2010


Love the sweater and the matching accessories (of course!), you look great!
(btw, I also don't like to wear the same shoes two days in a row... I like to let them "breathe". I find the shoes last more and tend to keep their shape for much longer)

I love the look with the belt, Mardel. You look like you weigh 100 lbs in that outfit. Have fun wearing it!

2nd photo WITH the belt is such an improvement!

I´d wear this one without the belt. That color looks great on You!

You're on to something re that pendant, which is striking. A longer, more substantial and funkier chain would change and update the look. IMO your pendant 'needs' a chain with some character and weight as the piece is so strong. Pendants worn high on the chest look very '80s, now they are worn longer, some almost to the waist.

You wear turquoise magnificently. Will you quit going on about your hips! You look wonderful. (I would skip the belt not b/c of hips, just b/c I like the flow of the linen knit.)

I love that with the belt -- oh how I wish for all that mid-body real estate! I was just in a shop trying on a high-waisted skirt that I loved, but the skirt's waist all buckled into the 1/4-inch or so that is my short waist.
And I agree with K-Line that you could wear this with tights -- and really show off those shoes!

Love the cozy, one of my favorite colors too, the jewels are great and I would definitely vote for the belt!!! Your new shoes inspired my first online shoe purchase today---asymmetrical grey booties. I can see where this could become a very dangerous lunchtime event!!! Hoping they fit as I have a high instep.

I have always wanted the DK cozy! I have a number of similar drape cardis but none with that degree of flex. I love them. Weirdly, this item may be one of the few things that's easier for short people to wear, though why I can't really determine. I do notice that most people I see in them are not tall...

You know you could actually wear that as a tunic with tights or leggings! What a fab piece. Oh and I love the jewelry too.

Thanks Gigi!

I thought maybe the door just shrank! :-)

Yeah Miriam, I think I vote for the belt too.  Now I just have to find one. Maybe a soft leather wrap belt is best.  The problem is that when I look in the mirror all I see is how big it makes my hips look.  When I look at the photo I see it is another case of the mirror lies although usually that goes the other way and I see what I want to see in the mirror.

I never know what to do with those cozy sweaters. I must say this looks stunning on you, you look about 9 feet tall! Love the belt option too.

My vote is for with belt. Love the color!

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