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September 29, 2010


Beautiful work, Mardel!

Wow! Such success right out of the envelope, almost.
I actually like the trapeze flare that K finds obscuring, but I wonder if the top needs slimmer pants -- I suspect you just threw it on over what you were already wearing, so as to catch a shot before it got dark.

Unless the fabric feels nasty, I would finish edges anhd call it a wearable muslin. Wait a minute, you said it doesn't need any other changes? Well heck it's just a regular garment that turned out great right out of the envelope.

I do like this color and shape on you.

I def don't think it should be any bigger. And the colour on you is terrific - muslin or no. I would say I don't know that it's the most flattering cut on you. The top fits really nicely but the trapeze flare just obscures your lovely shape and, at least in above shots, makes you look wider than you are. Maybe it's just me or the photos or I'm off the mark. I will say, it's the kind of top that needs leggings and heels.

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