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September 06, 2013


I read the other post on the cabinets. They are perfect. Nice neat storage. What are you using for your sewing machines?

It's a great table. Are the cabinets under it custom?

It's a wonderful table and I'm envious of the length because if I could that's what I would add. You are making a wonderful room(s) to create!

This is wonderful! I do use a rotary cutter often, but I agree, the cutting surface could be placed over the padded table. And I'd love a padded surface like yours for ironing and pressing. Your room is thoughtfully designed for someone who sews.

Marji, yes, I was able to buy fabric by the yard from Spoonflower.

it looks great. Were you able to buy the twill with the grid print by the yard? I have a twill printed like that, but it's finite and has a yard stick printed along the edge, and is 56"(?) long

Mardel, that is a nice table. Gives me some ideas for what I want to do with my space once the offspring leaves the nest and his room becomes mine. I agree with you on the plywood, 1/2 inch is a little light for such a long span. Enjoy your new space.

Theresa in Tucson

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