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June 17, 2022


How do I get this muslin dress pattern?

I love your dresses. I'm new at sewing and would like patterns like this one. I would also make same dress in different colors. I just hope it's not to many pieces and it's rather easy.
Thank you

Your post is inspiring to me. I sewed a lot as a young woman but family and work gradually replaced that hobby. Now retired and with massive body changes I am similarly confused by the fitting process and without a sewing buddy to struggle through it . If anyone is aware of a similar sewing studio or teacher in Colorado preferably near Denver I would appreciate the info. I do not use social media so posting here is preferred. Thanks for any help

Would love to have the pattern

Chris, I tend to agree about the continuum. I am not convinced that any failure is a failure but more of a learning opportunity, unless of course one fails to learn. I also see that I need to think more about the words I use and how use them. My three dresses are successes. They are beautifully made and they fit at least as well as anything I could buy, if not better in some ways. My disappointments are in my own excessively critical expectations of myself; expectations I do not hold of others. Thank you for calling me to account.

I do appreciate your way of looking at the sewing process, and I agree wholeheartedly except for 1 small note…my continuum isn’t just success or failure- somewhere along the non-success side sits Learning Event…for me, it is often about how I frame things. Glad you have some things to where in the heat! We recently moved to FL and I am in need of more color, to replace the darker items in there. A closet refresh is a lot of work but pays off every morning. Best wishes on your remaining projects.

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